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Welcome to the Village of Langcropped image of water tower

Lang is a small town community ideally located 70 KM South of Regina, and 47 KM West of Weyburn on highway 39.  Lang has a population of just over 200 people and has been enjoying a period of growth and renewal.

The Village of Lang was established in 1906 along the railway which connected Pasqua, located just outside of Moose Jaw, to North Portal.  The Village was established to service the influx of settlers who developed a thriving farming community.

Students in Lang travel 14 km west on highway 39 to nearby Milestone to attend the Milestone School (K-12).

When driving by, we may appear to be just another small town in Saskatchewan. However, if you take the time to tour around Lang,  you will see that our community offers our residents a quiet life style with the small town advantage of open spaces, plenty of fresh air, and many friendly people.