February 27, 2019

Members of Council – Mayor, Allan Broderick, Councillor Michael Saip, Councillor Gary Gutheil, Councillor Michael Williams, and Councillor Dayle Ehr.

Council Proceedings

The Village of Lang is governed by elected officials which consist of a Mayor and four councilors.  They are elected as a representative at large.  The Village Office and Administration is your direct link to Council.  The staff are there to provide assistance to meet your needs and bring forth any issues to Council in a timely manner.

Council Meetings

Council meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers of the Village Office located at 223 Main Street.

It should be noted that any correspondence to Council becomes part of the council meeting thereby becoming public record.

Information must be submitted the Thursday prior to the council meeting date.

Public Attendance at Meetings

The public is welcome at any regular council meeting.  You will be there as an observer unless a request to the Village Office has been made to become a scheduled delegation the Thursday prior to the date of the meeting.

How to become a delegation at a regular council meeting

If you or your business/organization wishes to make a presentation to Council, you are required to do the following:

  • must submit in legible writing a request to Council the Thursday before the regular council meeting
  • the number of delegations to be present in front of Council shall not exceed four
  • the delegation shall be allowed twenty minutes for their presentation

Current 2016 Council

Mayor Allan Broderick, Councillor Mike Saip, Councillor Adele Schmidt, Councillor Michael Williams, and Councillor Gary Gutheil

The terms of elected Council members are four years.

2016-Municipal Election Year

2016 year is the Municipal Election Year with municipal elections Province wide scheduled for October 26, 2016.  To be eligible to run for Mayor or Councillor of Lang, a person must be a Canadian citizen, at least eighteen years of age, and have lived in the Village of Lang for at least three months and in the Province of Saskatchewan for six months immediately preceding the day of the election.

The Village of Lang is not divided into constituencies or wards, and each member of Council represents the community as a whole.  All decisions of Council are by majority vote.

For further information on Municipal Elections Candidate and Voter Eligibility visit:….

2016-School Board Elections

The Prairie Valley School Division No. 208 and the Holy Family RCSSD No. 140 will be holding their respective elections on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.  The School Board General Elections are for trustees of the Public and Separate School Boards.  For more information , please visit the following websites of and

In Saskatchewan, the municipal and school board elections are governed by The Local Government Election Act, 2015.