Village of Lang Council Members


 Michael Saip


Brook Tollefson

Michael Williams

Wally Fraser

Paige Granger


Council Policies and Procedures

Council has established policies and procedures applicable to the manner in which all Council meetings are conducted.  These policies and procedures apply to Council members and members of the public that wish to observe or participate in Council meetings.  Please refer to the Council Procedures Bylaw if you wish to be a part of a Council meeting.

Council Procedures Bylaw

Council’s Role

The Village of Lang is governed by elected officials which consist of a Mayor and four councilors.  They are elected as a representative at large.  The Village Office and Administration is your direct link to Council.  The staff are there to provide assistance to meet your needs and bring forth any issues to Council in a timely manner.

Council Meetings

Council meetings are held in the Council Chambers of the Village Office located at 223 Main Street.

Meeting dates are set by Council on a month-by-month basis.

It should be noted that any correspondence to Council becomes part of the Council meeting thereby becoming public record.

Public Attendance at Meetings

The public is welcome at any regular council meeting.  You will be there as an observer and must remain silent throughout the time that the meeting is in session.