Please see below for a brief summary of bylaws that pertain to everyday life in the Village of Lang.  Please feel free to contact the office for a full copy of any of the bylaws described.

Bylaw 2002-003  “A Bylaw to Regulate Open Fires within Village Limits”

This bylaw states that no person shall burn anything in an open fire.  It also describes the attributes of an outdoor fire appliance—enclosed with a lid and used to burn seasoned wood or charcoal.

Bylaw 1999-001 “ A Bylaw to control Noise”

This bylaw has 7 points, but in summary states that no person shall make or continue an loud, unnecessary or unusual noise that disturbs the comfort and repose of any other person within the Village of Lang.

Bylaw 1997-010 “A Bylaw to Regulate the Running at Large of Dogs”

This bylaw prohibits dogs and cats from running at large in the Village of Lang.  Residents who harbour, own or possess a dog or cat that is found running at large is subject to penalties stated in the bylaw.  It is hoped that most problems and concerns relating to dog and cat issues can be resolved by discussing them with the party involved before lodging a formal complaint.

Bylaw 2006-002 “A Bylaw to Control Certain Breeds of Dogs in the Village”

This bylaw prohibits any resident from keeping, possessing, or harbouring more than 2 dogs.  In addition, this bylaw prohibits certain breeds of dogs (for example pit bulls, Rottweilers or Doberman Pinschers are prohibited). These dogs may reside within the Village of Lang only if they are kept in a specially constructed enclosure which is described at length in the bylaw.

Bylaw 2006-001 “Nuisance Abatement Bylaw”

This bylaw defines nuisances which includes, but is not limited to, untidy and unsightly premises.  This includes abandoned, unregistered or junked vehicles, open excavations, overgrowth of grass and weeds etc.  The council feels that it is extremely important to maintain a high standard so that our community is kept and well cared for.  With everyone’s cooperation, this could be an important way to showcase our Village to residents and visitors alike.