Notices for Residences

Waterworks Information


As per motion of Council on June 16, 2016 in order for Lang residents to be re-imbursed 50% of the total costs for cleaning their sewer lines the following criteria are all required: the company performing the service must use a camera to diagnose the problem and provide digital images, the invoices must state the nature of the obstruction, the condition of the pipes, and the distance in feet/meters that it took to clear the lines.

The Village of Lang will no longer accept invoices from any business if they do not provide camera services. Please contact the Village Office for more information.

In accordance with the Village’s Traffic Bylaw 2-98, council is requesting your co-operation in ensuring that your vehicle(s) (This includes RV’s, Camper Trailers, and Utility Trailers etc.) are not parked on the street for more than a 24 hour period. The extended parking of vehicles etc. is not only in violation of the Bylaw but it also creates undue and unnecessary hardship for street cleaning, street maintenance, and snow removal operations. It can also hamper sight lines and creates a hazard when school children are travelling to and from the school bus. Also, if you are parking your trailer for extended periods of time on your property and/or on part of the boulevard, please be cognizant of your neighbor. It may be blocking his view or may be causing them an inconvenience you may not be aware of. Your consideration will be appreciated by all concerned.

The bylaw further states that no person shall park a vehicle with a manufacturer’s rated capacity in excess of three (3) tonnes on any Street or Avenue.

Also please ensure your vehicle is parked on the right-hand side of the street having regard to the direction in which the vehicle was proceeding. If your vehicle is not parked in that manner and is hit or sustains damage, you may be liable for damages and your insurance may be void. This is also in violation of the village’s traffic bylaw and you may be fined if not parked in the proper manner.

There have been some problems when the lanes are used after a rain. Not only do the lanes get rutted up badly but in some instances the adjacent private property has been damaged. If at all possible, please refrain from driving in the lanes after a rain until they have dried out.

Each year a number of inquiries are made to whether or not Building Permits are necessary for all kinds of different types of development. First and foremost, all municipalities in Saskatchewan are responsible for the orderly and regulated development within their municipal boundaries. As well within today’s mortgage requirements, insurance requirements, and an onus on all municipalities to ensure residential and commercial buildings are constructed to a minimum standard, it is only appropriate to advise and re-enforce the Village of Lang’s procedures and policies.

There are important steps to follow when considering building development and lot development. Building Permits are required when: new construction is contemplated;

major building renovations where structural changes are necessary; and when buildings are moved into the municipality. Prior to any construction or alteration of buildings, the proper municipal approval must be obtained. NO WORK MAY COMMENCE UNTIL APPROVAL HAS BEEN GRANTED OR ISSUED.

Owners and contractors should be aware that when the Building Inspector performs onsite inspections to review development conformity to regulations, any deviations or deficiencies found outside of what was approved on the Building Development Permit Form, costs to remedy such alterations or deviations are the owner’s responsibility. The municipality shall not be held liable for such costs. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER AND CONTRACTOR TO FOLLOW THE PROPER BUILDING AND DEVELOPMENT CODES.

Not all types of development require Development Permits. Such things as decks or sheds less than 100 square feet, fences, or cosmetic work like window replacement, siding or shingling do not require Building Permits. It should be noted however, in the case of fences and sheds, requirements under the Zoning Bylaw still require to be adhered to with regards to building yard requirements.

These steps ensure your building, whether residential or commercial, may be constructed in accordance with any National, Provincial, and local regulations. Again this is extremely important as financial institutions and the insurance industry are becoming more and more focused on ensuring their investments are meeting minimum construction and development standards.

When considering building a fence, the property owner should contact the municipality to see if property pins may be located. The Village does not guarantee that this constitutes a legal survey. If property lines are in dispute, it is the responsibility of the property owner to contact a surveyor to establish the lot pins in their proper location. The cost of such work is the responsibility of the property owner.

With the hot weather upon us it has been noted that some home owners are setting up swimming pools and hot tubs in their backyards. Currently the Village of Lang has NO bylaw that provides guidelines to home owners as to the safety requirements of operating an outdoor pool or spa. The Canadian Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, and the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada web sites all outline in detail recommended actions and/or safety rules. In short, these web sites advise: that children should be supervised at all times by adults, safety covers should be placed on the pools and spas when not in use, and restricting access to the pools or hot tubs with four sided barriers. Let’s all have a safe and happy summer by being aware of the potential hazards.

Saskatchewan Environment “Drinking Water Quality and Compliance Regulations” requires that at least once a year waterworks owners (The Village of Lang) provide notification to consumers of the quality of water produced and supplied, as well as, information on the performance of the waterworks in submitting samples as required by the “Permit to Operate Waterworks”. This is to notify, pursuant to these regulations, that a summary of the Village of Lang’s water quality and sample submission compliance record for the January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017time period is now available at the Village Office. This information can also be seen online at or